Digital Women Mission

Empowering 1 million women to stay relevant in an ever changing digital world through digital education. Digital Women is a digital skill sharing community where you are able to learn to boost your digital skills and be inspired by inspirational women in digital business.

This community is perfect for female founders, business owners, women in digital, marketers, women looking to break into digital, students exploring careers in digital. Women who want to be inspired by other women and those looking to boost their digital skills.

Men are also welcome and are very important members of Digital Women.

You'll learn and be inspired by other women, connected with other female entrepreneurs and businesses, informed and most importantly armed with the techniques and tools required to get started with digital and social media right away or to improve your digital marketing skills.

We do this through, editorial, news sharing, skill sharing through our live events and meet-ups.

Our mission is to empower 1 million women through digital skill sharing and education.