Digital Women Podcast - Episode 1 - Hannah Dawson CEO Futrli

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In the First episode of the Digital Women Podcast Lucy Hall, Founder and host Interviews Futrli CEO Hannah Dawson and talks about the digital skills women need and the developments Futrli are making to help SME business owners de-risk and simplify administration.

Welcome to The Digital Women Podcast (sponsored by Avviso Media - Empowering businesses and marketers to remain relevant in an ever changing digital world)

DigitalWomen is a community set up to empower 1 million women through digital skills.

Our aim is to grow the community to 1 million + women (and men) over the coming years.

In this podcast youโ€™ll find helpful information around starting, growing and scaling a business through digital, tips and information about digital and inspirational interviews with female leaders in the digital space.


Kicking off our first episode I interview Hannah Dawson founder of Futrli

Hannah Dawson is a serial entrepreneur, mother, wife and loather of spreadsheets. Hannahโ€™s the founder and CEO of business finance platform Futrli, helping businesses understand their cash flow so they can focus on what theyโ€™re best at.

Futrli product is well loved by over 40,000 businesses and accountants worldwide. But, for the last two years, Hannah and the Futrli team have been nose-to-the-grindstone, developing a game-changing new tool to help small businesses own every facet of their financials.

The Futrli Platform will launch on April 1st and itโ€™s going to blow things wide open for small business entrepreneurs. More than just numbers, Futrli Platform gives you insights into the past, present and future of your business.

Listen on to hear more about Hannah Dawson and the incredible platform her and her team have built.