Digital Women Podcast - Episode 2 - social media skills and how to create content. Amber Vellacott - Sleeping Giant Media


In the second episode of the Digital Women Podcast Lucy catches with Amber Vellacott from Sleeping Giant Media.

They discuss social media skills, how to get started and what tools are available for creative content.

"Amber Vellacott is part of the brand & marketing team at the award-winning search and social marketing agency, 
Sleeping Giant Media, as well as part of Giant Campus, a digital skills training provider based in Folkestone, Kent. 
As a millennial, she's a regular user of social media and, luckily, she knows the difference between using it for personal use and for business use. 
She's keen to inspire people to be more creative with their social media, and won't take any excuses as to why they can't be.