4 Questions With ContentCal's Andy Lambert

Getting to know you!

Kickstart's Content marketing speaker, founding member of ContentCal and all round nice guy Andy Lambert answers 4 questions giving us insight into what's important to focus on with Social & Content:  


Who is Andy Lambert?

I’m one of the founding team of ContentCal, a social media technology start-up based in East London. But when I’m not moaning about yet another change to Facebook’s algorithms and API’s, you’ll either find me running around the garden with my two sons or hidden away in my garage writing music. (I used to be a professional musician, until real life caught up with me!)

What is the most important piece of advice you can give businesses about Content Marketing? 

Start with ‘why’. Not why do you want to do content marketing (traffic/leads etc.) but ‘why’ would an audience care. All the best endeavours start with a plan.

What are the biggest mistakes that businesses make with Social Media? 

Thinking that social media is a ‘full funnel’ marketing solution. Social Media, is perfect for the awareness, consideration, loyalty and advocacy parts of the funnel, but the critical middle section of the funnel ‘conversion’ is something that typically does not sit well on social. No one wants to see a sea of sales messages on their news feed!

What could a reader go away and action right now that could make a difference to the way they market their business online? 

A range of free tools to help even the least experienced user construct a plan and stick to it.

How can readers get in touch with you if they have any questions?

@andy_r_lambert on Twitter or on andy@contentcal.co

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