Digital Content Creator

  • Freelance
  • Remote (Remote)
  • £26,000 GBP / Year
  • This position has been filled
  • Freelance
  • Remote (Remote)
  • £26,000 GBP / Year
  • This position has been filled.

Website The Foodiez.Net Ltd

A collaborative case study of childhood obesity project.

Foodiez are looking for a Digital Content Creator to work closely with the project development teams in the UK and India to upgrade and implement digital content creation plan.

Key Responsibilities:

Digital Content Creation:

Design, curate, and produce a variety of digital content types including articles, blogs, videos, infographics, and other multimedia content.
Ensure content aligns with the company’s branding, mission, and the goals of the childhood obesity project.
Stay updated on the latest trends in the food, health, and wellbeing sectors to produce timely and relevant content.

Collaboration with Project Development Teams:

Collaborate closely with UK and India-based project development teams to understand content requirements and deliverables.
Assist in the development and refinement of the digital content strategy to support project goals.
Collect feedback, insights, and data from the teams to continuously improve content quality and delivery.

Content Implementation:

Upgrade existing digital content and align it with the current project needs.
Coordinate with tech teams to ensure smooth integration of content on the website and other platforms.
Prioritise content releases based on project milestones and audience demand.

Engagement and Monitoring:

Utilise analytics tools to track content performance, engagement rates, and user feedback.
Adjust content strategies based on data-driven insights to maximize reach and impact.
Engage with the online community, respond to comments, and foster a positive digital environment for users.

Continuous Learning:

Attend webinars, workshops, and other learning opportunities to hone skills and stay updated in the field of digital content creation.

Share learnings and insights with the team to collectively enhance content quality and strategy.

Proven experience in creating engaging digital content.
Proficiency with content creation tools, including graphic design software, video editing tools, and content management systems.
Strong written and verbal communication skills.
Ability to work collaboratively with a diverse team and adapt to feedback.

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The Foodiez.Net Ltd

A collaborative case study of childhood obesity project.

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