Frequently Asked Questions

can i become a member of digitalwomen?

Yes of course you can! Anyone can be a member of our community! All we ask is that you bring value or learn from others and are respectful to others in the community.

Is there a paid membership option?

Yes there is, your paid membership get’s you access to all Meetups and events throughout the year plus a Digital Women marketing planner for 2020.

How much is your paid membership option?

Paid membership is £150 + Vat for the whole year and includes a ticket to the big events and all Meet-ups as well as a social media marketing planner and access to exclusive events and content. You will also receive a welcome postcard in the post. 10% of your membership fee will go into a charitable pot that we will use for digital education programmes for women without access to this type of education.


Can i write for your digital magazine?

We actively encourage our members to write for DigitalWomen, share skills and be interviewed. Please use the contact form and send your article or interview idea request.

Will you bring digitalwomen international?

Yes, this is something we are working on. We are looking for partners in countries outside the UK to help us to host meetups. Contact us if you think you can help.

How often are your meet-ups?

We are still in the early stages of working everything out but expect that we will roll our Meet-ups in as many areas as possible on a monthly basis. If you would like to request a meetup in your area, please contact us.