8 Amazing Digital Creators!

The Digital Women Awards takes place every year to celebrate the work women are doing through digital.

The Digital Women Digital Creator of The Year recognises and celebrates those who are creating the best content for their communities or audiences. These individuals have built influence through the digital content they create which has opened up new and exciting opportunities for them.

Here are our brilliant women, your Digital Creator of the Year 2022 Finalists:

Name: Kelly Cuesta

As a woman of colour in tech, Kelly has come across different challenges based on limiting beliefs. Through the years, Kelly says that she has learned to overcome them thanks to powerful mentors and women focused communities she has been part of.

Her Motto “Be the change you want to see in the world” has inspired her to go beyond her own self and make an impact on others by system thinking, personal development, career growth and leadership.

As a WomenTechMaker ambassador, Kelly has raised awareness of the challenges facing women and under-represented groups in engaging in self-promotion in tech. Kelly delivers different pieces of content to challenge the perceptions around self-promotion and imposter syndrome in tech: public speaking and blogging

Kelly is also the Lead DEI global programming for Ingram Micro Cloud and completed a revamp of Women in Cloud Pillar delivering 4 sessions (workshop and fireside chat) to develop soft skills from female employees whilst increasing the participation from beginning 2021 to now by more than 50%.

Name: Elena Small

When Elena first joined Nimbus, she decided to go back to the drawing board and re-shape their content strategy. Pumping it full of energy, she started to create a visual identity, experiment with a relatable tone of voice and find a competitive edge between other tech brands.

Fast forward a year, and Elena uplifted their lead generation via their social media channels by 1,720% by not only refreshing their existing content but by collaborating with other members of the team to create new and engaging content to attract leads into the business. Prior to her start, Nimbus had never onboarded a social media generated customer, so Elena took this on as a challenge. Elena also managed to increase Nimbus’ social media presence by 15% and counting, which supports the considerable growth that they have seen with their lead generation.

Name: Federica Argentieri

When Federica founded Timotico Ltd she did it with the intention of helping entrepreneurs entering the digital market, people who understand almost nothing about digital. It is not simple, but it is a mission, to help small businesses grow and bear the weight of increasingly fierce competition, to help the market move forward in the digitalisation process. Federica matches creativity and numbers, and her communication is “human to human” whilst achieving practical results.

Furthermore, business sustainability is important to Federica, and she ensures that customers are taken care of. The company cares about its customer’s uniqueness and the construction of the brand sewn on the values of the entrepreneurs.

Name: Christine Gritmon

Christine had a weekly Facebook Live interview show, Social, from 2017-2020, but when she came back from August hiatus in 2020 she wanted to do something far more impactful that could really help people. Christine wanted to focus on providing actionable value each week on a topic she had grown to care a lot about: the importance of personal branding, especially digitally.

Christine relaunched the show as Let’s Talk About Brand, with a focus each week on a particular element of branding, with an incredible lineup of guest experts. She simultaneously launched a companion Twitter chat, #ChatAboutBrand, since she found Twitter chats to be one of the most valuable tools in her own journey. Christine had anticipated that the chat would drive traffic to the live stream, but the chat itself has turned out to be the star! Relationships have been built, connections have been made, jobs have been gained, guest spots have been swapped—the way this community has grown, and the progress she has seen from its participants in directly growing their own personal brands as a result of these weekly learnings, has made this show and chat the most valuable content she has ever created.

Name: Tigz Rice

Tigz has toured Europe extensively over the years with her signature Vintage Boudoir Makeovers – as well as virtually via her Virtual Boudoir Shoots – attracting clients from Guadeloupe, France, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, New Zealand, Australia and more than 20 of the US States. Gaining a reputation as one of the world’s most sought after boudoir photographers, in 2019 she published her award-winning book STRIP/TEASE with American publishing house Working Class Publishing.

Tigz is also a founding member and Director of Photography for The Underpinnings Museum, a radical innovation in showcasing and documenting exquisite objects, dedicated to the evolution of underwear through the ages. Offering free access to all, the museum creates an invaluable community resource with high-quality photography capturing garments dating as far back as the 1700s in exquisite detail.

Name: Ashleigh Holmes

Ashleigh describes herself as a disruptive and fast growing entrepreneur across social media & online, who has built a buzz and communities numerous time within different industries.

Ashleigh is currently creating an exciting community around her personal brand and Lead Generation business.

Name: Danielle Bayes

Danielle opened her TikTok account in 2019, but August of 2021 was when she decided to focus all of her attention there and use it as her main platform for reaching and teaching other small business owners, and to be the driving force behind growing her business.

She publishes an original Canva video tutorial at least once a week. Each tutorial walks you step-by-step through the whole process of creating a video from start to finish, a video that has a clear intention for a small business, such as starting a conversation or instigating DMs. Often in addition to these tutorials, Danielle will create and post video replies to questions that are left in the comments or offer short tips. In the past six months she has grown a wonderful community of over 20,000 followers.

Name: Megan Yawor

In 2017, Megan accepted the role as Rapid7’s first Learning Technologist and venturing into an unfamiliar industry ensured a steep learning curve. She asked questions, explored new technologies, and applied a UX mindset. Due to the pandemic and Rapid7’s shift to fully remote overnight, Megan was not only challenged to develop more digital content and resources quickly, but she had to elevate and increase her knowledge of learning in the digital space in order to support the team, who traditionally relied on live training practices.

In the last two years, she has reimagined her role from graphic and media design to a full fledged digital learning practitioner. In 2020 she spent time building a foundation and learning how to create effective and engaging learning for the digital space, then in 2021 she dove into developing intricate, multi-module, interactive resources for our learners while challenging the team to think about the future of learning in a hybrid world.

Founder & Community Lead

Twitter @Lucyshall

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