What jobs will give me a career in the blockchain?

The blockchain space is booming! Blockchain technology is one of the most exciting digital developments in recent years: it increases trust, security, transparency, and the traceability of data shared across a business network. And yes, the potential for blockchain careers is huge.

Blockchain Careers


Blockchain Careers


Blockchain Careers 〰️

The blockchain is big news! We’re only at the very beginning of an understanding about this embryonic technology, but already we can see how it could change many elements of our working world.

Simply put, blockchain has the potential to create a new foundation for our economic and social systems, because it’s a transparent, trust-based system that does away with needing banks and other financial institutions.

Yes, blockchain is often associated with cryptocurrencies. But the blockchain is about so much more than that. Blockchain is a fundamental technology like the internet, but cryptocurrencies are just one way to use this tech. And the potential for careers in blockchain is huge – and exciting! 

But first, let’s get back to basics.


Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. Because data is pre-verified before a transactional task is made, blockchain reduces admin time for those lengthy transactions where dates, figures and other data have to be continually checked and verified.

So, property conveyancing is just one example of an admin and data-heavy process that blockchain could transform. Because the legal paperwork will all be verified by everyone in the relevant chain and transacted in real-time, the week-long delays that happen every time a piece of the paper touches down in an office are no more.

All ownership and legal records are secure and encrypted, and because everyone in the chain validates all the time-stamped records (and transactions) before the process starts, the records are irreversible so nothing at any point in the transaction or its chain can be amended.

In fact, any job that requires an intermediary or a bridging/transactional process has the potential to be transformed by blockchain technology. Medical records, social care and education spring to mind but HR is another job with a considerable administrative burden that could change as a result of blockchain tech. But blockchain won’t just change jobs that are already here: it is already opening doors to a whole new breed of exciting, different jobs.

Even if you’re new to blockchain, there are lots of career opportunities that you can consider. Read on for the Digital Women guide to getting a career in blockchain technology.


A developer responsible for building the architecture of blockchain systems, developing and optimising blockchain protocols, and developing smart contracts or web apps using blockchain technology is in demand in 2022. And recruitment portal Indeed.com says that with the number of job openings exceeding qualified developers, blockchain is a developer skill that is not only in demand, but it will also present creative and rewarding job paths for the future.


Blockchain and legal expertise are a brilliant match. If you have versatile knowledge about blockchain and how it is used then you’re getting ahead of the curve. Blockchain doesn’t replace contracts or administrative functions, but every single element of the administrative process needs to be set up correctly in the first place. And that’s where legal expertise is in demand.


The blockchain industry is scaling fast, everyone wants to get to know it better, learn about it, or simply understand the basics! And where explainer content is needed… Well, expert writers are in demand. If you understand the principles of blockchain and the value this technology will deliver, and if you’re a tech-savvy writer or starting out in journalism or content marketing and looking for your niche – blockchain really could fit the bill.


Many of the articles we read about blockchain point to the importance of community. If blockchain projects are to survive and thrive they need content and conversation to build awareness and active communities to answer questions and address fears. And to keep these conversations moving forward (and moderated), community managers with a deeper understanding of blockchain are in demand.


Do you have C++, C#, 2+ years experience with Unity, or any experience with mobile game development?  If you’re familiar with Asset Bundles and Addressables and IAP (In-App Purchases) – get searching! There are job vacancies (remote working) live now, and they are not being filled quickly enough. Add in experience of Google Cloud Platform, Google Cloud Functions, or Google’s own community of app developers, Firebase, and you may even find your earning power is stronger. A passion for games themselves and a healthy dose of creativity will also help, but we think blockchain gaming is going to be one of the hottest tech sectors to watch in the next 5 years.


Competition is fierce, with marketing roles having some of the highest number of applicants on jobs boards. And it might be an obvious choice for a blockchain career, but don’t be put off: if you’re clear about your experience and skills, savvy marketers are a must-have in the fast-moving blockchain space. So, as well as some solid experience as a middleweight marketer and with the qualifications or CPD to back you up, we think you need to demonstrate experience with or understanding of the blockchain space along with your application. This is more than chucking words like, NFT, DeFi and Discord around. A lot of intelligent discussion about the blockchain happens on digital forums so marketers really need to be comfortable in these spaces. Knowing how Twitter, Slack, Discord and Telegram work is essential to any marketing role in the blockchain. And because most of these jobs are remote you will also need to show that you can work autonomously and have the effective communication skills that working out-of-office require.


We can’t talk about blockchain jobs without mentioning crypto, because for many people cryptocurrency simply IS the blockchain. If you’re a crypto currency expert like Erica Stanford, or a crypto security expert, consider verifying your skills with CCE accreditation. A Certified Cryptocurrency Expert™ (CCE) has a wide knowledge of the cryptocurrencies and the functioning of the distributed ledger technology that governs it. If you have knowledge to share, don’t be shy. Yes there are magazines and blogs who are always looking out for commentators and spokespeople, but there are also big organisations who will be looking for trusted sources to educate them about blockchain when the time comes.

We’re already seeing big developments and investment in blockchain tech from massive corporations, so our eyes are peeled firmly at what this means for Digital Women and careers in this exciting tech space.


Read more about blockchains here and find our quick-guide to setting up a crypto wallet here.

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