The Hot Digital Marketing Skills of 2022

Run a quick search of the titles of the in-demand job descriptions on LinkedIn, and you won’t be surprised that out of the top 5 job titles, 3 include the word ‘digital’. The world is continuing to move through a period of huge transition and change after Covid-19, and we shouldn’t be surprised that the hot skills of 2022 are definitely digital. 

The hot marketing skills of 2022


The hot marketing skills of 2022


The hot marketing skills of 2022 〰️

For digital marketers, the pandemic meant that skills which made digital communication, remote working or rapid responses to an ever-changing landscape easier, were suddenly in huge demand. 

As we move beyond pandemic protocols, we find the world changed, but the growing respect for those of us who ‘work digitally’ that began in 2020 is not going away. In fact, it is growing stronger.

The pandemic has also changed consumer behaviour: when we buy something trust is more important than the nearest, or the cheapest product that we see. But because less than 10% of consumers are estimated to be in-channel (or in the digital place where a purchase is made), marketers have to work harder to stay relevant to everyone who is engaging with their content. Community is more important than ever because at any given time, a maximum of 10% of our audience is there to buy from us.

So the skills that enable community building and which elevate brand awareness at the very top of the funnel, long before a purchase is considered, are important in 2022 and will continue to be important next year.

Top jobs in 2022

In May 2022, Linked In shows us that these four jobs are in highest demand within the sector or Marketing Services:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Copywriter

  • Social Media Manager

  • Digital Marketing Manager

Social Media

It is no surprise to see Social Media Manager is on the hot list again this year. In the UK the average user spends 110 minutes on social media every day. And in some age groups and demographics the number is much higher. Social media continues to be a place that many people choose to use for leisure time – as well as ecommerce – and so long as the public want to be here, businesses will need to communicate and skills for social media will be in demand.

Digital Marketing Specialist

In the UK, approximately 66% of the population use social media for something and the internet is used by some 95% of the entire population at least once a month. Digital use is high, but digital literacy does not match these figures because online access doesn’t always happen at home. In job centres, libraries and banks people can be walked through the digital services they need to access the service they require, but it may not be their choice.

Because not everyone is switched-on by the thought of a digital-first world, organisations that deliver essential services via digital channels need to be particularly engaged with new means of communication and to stay on top of the channels and how they are used. 

A Digital Marketing Specialist designs, creates, and delivers marketing programs to achieve the growth and business goals of the company’s services and products. This role requires an in-depth knowledge of products, tools and market behaviour and an experienced marketer who has become specialist at tools, tactics and programmes will continue to be in high demand way beyond 2022.


Community continues to be an important word to watch in 2022. And as brands strive to communicate better and more authentically with their community – not just their customers – understanding what to say and how to say it in a non-salesy way has never been more important. Copywriting is a hot, in-demand skill in 2022 with good reason.

Digital Marketing Manager

Fire up any Linked In or search engine search for ‘best UK marketing job’ or ‘marketing job UK’ and Digital Marketing Manager will be one of the first listings you seee. Recruitment agencies are hiring Digital Marketing Managers, employability specialists on Linked In are writing about them and there is lots of information backing up why this is one of the most available positions within the field of digital marketing.

There is no one-size-fits-all description for a  Digital Marketing Manager. Digital marketing managers are responsible for developing and overseeing online marketing strategies for businesses, and they are employed across industry from small startups with funding to large corporations with global budgets. This kind of role is not the creative work that it is often thought to be: it isn’t about managing content creation or managing all the digital marketing for one business, there is a lot of project management and strategic heavy lifting here. And as long as projects need to be overseen and there is a need for campaigns to run smoothly from start to finish, there will be plenty of positions available that need to be filled.

According to LinkedIn, the “Digital Marketing Specialist” role has been advertised more than 800,000 times since 2021. The most requested experience in digital marketing for 2022 searches include social media, SEO, content strategy and analytics.

If you are keen to match your skills to what is in demand, think about the work that you like to do and the skills that you have already or that you are currently learning. And remember that not every ‘management’ role pays a huge salary and sometimes the most creative sounding jobs may be more administrative.

There will always be hot trends, but if you are thinking about a digital marketing career, it pays to take a look at the bigger picture and consider what is happening in the world and the world around you right now. And those trends that are likely to be here for a few years. 

To read more about women in the workplace, read PwC’s Women in Work Report 2022. Or be inspired by the Digital Women role models within our community here.


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