30 Top Tips on How to Work From Home Like a Pro

With all that’s going on right now (The C that will not be named) and home working being suggested by the government for most of us who are able to, it’s time for us to adapt. Luckily in the Digital Women community we do have a great deal of very experienced women that work from home and so we asked the question on everybody’s lips: What are your top WFH Tips?

And they delivered! Here’s what Digital Women suggest you do if you are starting to work from home.

  1. I’ve rejigged my home to create a little space so that Im ready to go. – Tanja Sharpe

  2. I have today started the steps challenge to climb 10,000 a day (to replace the lack of walking). 1,000 was 25 flights up and down. But 1,000 down, 9,000 to go 💪🏻 Going to get the kids involved else we are going to get really unfit over the week. – Suzi Witt

  3. Make sure you have regular breaks- even if just to get up and stretch your legs- having a cushion or pillow to put your feet on helps with circulation too! – Carrie Eddins

  4. To stop getting distracted by the dishes washing etc set a timer. I do 25 or 50 minutes work depending on the job at hand then 5/10 minutes other jobs. Then you feel you are accomplishing both sets of jobs. – Rosie Davies

  5. Make room for pleasure. Simple, gentle somethings that make you slow down and smile. – Victoria James

  6. Have a check-in call with loved ones. – Sandi Chaitram

  7. Structure the day and I ask the question – how will I know today has been a success? What really needs to happen for me to say that? Sounds fluffy but it gets shot done better than a to do list ever did! – Ali Hollands

  8. Skype/messenger/emails to say hello to others, have tea breaks and most importantly stick to your hours. – Amy J France

  9. Don’t watch the news!! Seriously, I’m trying to wean myself off it. – Alison Reay-Jones

  10. Get a lovely DiLonghi cappuccino maker – Louise Davies

  11. I have worked ‘from home’ for many years but I know others that struggle with distractions and motivation. I get up and make a list of the things that I need to prioritise that day so that I don’t spend all day on Facebook. – Louise Davies

  12. Get up and run around in your undies and dance and sing … that might just be me … I’ve been working from home for years and every day I STILL celebrate it! 😃💃Stay chill. Sleep in the sun with the cat. Enjoy. – Katie Wright

  13. I have been working from home for 8 years so nothing has really changed for me.

    My top tips:

    ✅ Stick to a routine.
    Have start times, end times, regular tea & lunch breaks.

    ✅ Get dressed. It can be so easy to sit around in PJ’s all day, but it messes with your head after a while.

    ✅ Don’t put the TV on! Major distraction.

    If you have kids, use headphones with some white noise or classical music to listen to while you work & they watch TV.

    ✅ Set a timer.

    Chunk each task down then set your time. You’ll get loads achieved in 40 minutes of pure focussed time rather than hours of flirting around not knowing what you’re doing. – Samantha Jane Harradine

  14. Focusmate.com has been a lifesaver for me! Working with someone to keep you accountable!  – Deasha Waddup

  15.  Choose your workmates wisely. – Louise Beasley


16. I work from home anyways. My tips would be : Mark your priorities for the day. Take small breaks to walk to the window or to the garden and refresh. Remember you are not in the office so you do not have to be glued to the chair/couch. Move around every so often. Schedule home chores as you would on regular day. Mixing and matching home chores with official work does not work well. I learnt it the hard way. Keep human contact intact by calling a colleague or someone you can talk to for a few minutes. Sudden and forced isolation can be daunting so treat yourself gently. – Rachna Sharma Sirtaj

17. Get dressed. Write a to do list. Take regular breaks. Set timers. Get some fresh air. Stay away from the fridge! 😁♥️ – Sarah Jane Vincent

18. Get put for some fresh air, take a walk, get dressed, speak with others, have a To Do list and reward yourself with small things. – Tabitha Beasley

19. Keep an alarm clock/timer close – time has a habit of DRIFTING into eternity if you’re not aware of it. Take breaks – take a nap! Put together little goals you can reach in a day, week, month … eat well and drink plenty of wine. – Sam J Hogwood

20. Find something to put on as background noise otherwise you risk getting disturbed every time something in the house squeaks or creaks. – Sian Murphy

21. Don’t get distracted by news/Facebook/the dog/chores. It’s so easy to waste a whole day, as I’ve found out, by getting caught up in non-work stuff! – Victoria Louise

22. Stand up and stretch every so often. And make sure that you warm up your voice before going live onto social media as you might not have spoken to anyone in a while! – Alison Smith

23. If you are an extrovert it’ll take a toll. Make sure to keep in touch with friends as much as possible electronically – Tim Lewis

24. The radio! Keeps me bopping at my desk and saves the long isolating periods of silence 👍🏻 – Liz Pusey

25. Let’s all stick together and keep it positive though, that’s my new mantra for today! – Kerry Ferguson

26. I recommend muting group chats when you’re trying to focus. – Jade Halstead

27.  I’ve written a list for you! – Amy McManus

28. I’ve been working in isolation and taking care of my health here for over 10 years! I published a blog about what can be learned by the “newly home” from Voiceover Artists.. hope you like it! – Clare Reeves

29.  Scheduling Zoom calls with people worried. Planning Zoom calls with global people to speak on the new business dynamic. – Lisa Pattenden

30. I am taking advantage of my husband being home today and letting him be in charge of the children. I am not going to let myself judge or interfere, I am sure they will cope for a day (🤣 ) I am just going to take advantage!!!
I have recorded a podcast this morning which I haven’t managed to do in a while.
My big tip is .. take advantage of the days you can get more done and don’t fret the small stuff!!! – Dolores Andrew- Gavin

31.  I work for a remote company and we have lots of tips and blogs! https://topcontent.com/…/being-aware-of-the-bad-habits…/ – Michele Blackmore

31. Find a weekly accountability buddy. Check in 3-4 days via Zoom or phone each week. When your intuition nudges, check in via text or dm. Help each other avoid isolation, anxieties and jump new hurdles. – Melanie Richards.

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