Shortlist: Young DigitalWoman of The Year – Digital Women Awards

The Young Digital Women of The Year Award recognises and celebrates young women under 30 who are making great moves in digital space. Whether they are leveraging digital to grow their own business or that of an employer. One thing all of these finalists have in common is that they have all made huge strides in their career in a relatively a short amount of time whether it be moving into a senior position within a company with more responsibility or by moving their own business forward.

Here are your finalists:


Amber Vellacott – Sleeping Giant Media

“Amber got to where she is now by taking the time and desire to learn all things giant. By caring and knowing passionately about her subject. She has continued to spend hour upon hour looking at what our competitors and others in our sector are doing, working out new strategies on how we can evolve to get better and better. In turn, bettering herself.

She’s constantly fine tuning content and reviewing metrics. In fact, she’s often checking the likes of Google Analytics at midnight to see if a specific post or campaign is performing as she’d wanted.

Her growth in our sector has given her the confidence to knowledge share and represent us in a variety of ways. Speaking at national events and being the voice of much of our content has, in turn, seen an increase in other females in the organisation getting involved – with many of our females better known now. She’s the epitome of a digital woman.”

I’m Amber Vellacott, a 24-year-old, red-headed, cat-loving, digital-marketingy person. That being said, I’m also the Content Marketing Lead at Sleeping Giant Media and Giant Campus. My aim is to use the wonderful powers of content marketing to help us meet business objectives and goals. I grew up wanting to write books, be a print journalist and present the news on TV but soon learnt that digital was the way forward and have since shaped my path to adapt to this wonderfully online world we live in.

Since being handed the keys to the GIANT brand, myself and my team have achieved some pretty GIANT things across our sector and I will continue to make sure this is the case -insert strong muscle emoji here-. Digital skills and knowledge share are at the forefront of everything I do, and with that comes the privilege to empower millions of others!


Lydia Plant – Nimbus Hosting

 I’ve been at Nimbus since April 2018, initially recruited as a Marketing Executive, and promoted to Marketing Manager within six months (my greatest achievement EVER!). I love my job (*googling synonyms for I love my job) and the people I work with, purely because we have such a mixture of personalities and one of our values is to, ‘embrace the geek in everyone’, which I love.

Hey! I’m Lyd, Marketing Manager at Nimbus Hosting. One would say I’m a bit of a workaholic, whilst also having the office nickname of Dory (I’m bound to lose something at least once a day, if not, my short-term memory is not up to scratch!) If we have a chat, I’ll most likely talk too fast, and chew your ear off about how much your Marketing can make an impact to your business, as well as delve into each and every channel all things marketing before you’d secretly wish to tell me to put a cork in it. But hey ho! It’s my passion, it’s what I love, live and breathe. And that’s me 🙂

Blogger of The Year B2B and B2C (2).png

Hannah Banks – Influencer

I’ve always had an interest in the digital space and during University I knew I wanted to work in the ever changing world of social media so I worked really hard to achieve this.

I was lucky enough to be employed as an Influencer Talent Manager for two years where I managed nine influencers and all of their brand deals and sponsorships, generating new brand contacts and revenue.

My goal was to start up my own division within a company where I could have control over the signings and the team, and this was something I set out to achieve within 5 years. I was very lucky that Influencer believed in me and my knowledge of the industry to employ me as their Talent Director and to allow me to start up the division with full control in December 2019. 

Hannah is Talent Director at Influencer, driving their new Talent Management division forward and signing some of the best upcoming creators to them exclusively.

Blogger of The Year B2B and B2C (3).png

Georgia Hatton – Cogent & Marketing Island

I surround myself within the digital industry. I spend my evenings writing for my publication and dealing with journalists, and my days raising the profile of the agency I work at. I have opinions I love to share, but I also love to learn from others. I have taken 2 online CPD courses in my free time over the past two years and have ensured I challenge myself in everything I do. Content and social media are where I feel comfortable, so I started to learn about SEO, PR and conversion.

Georgia co-created Marketing Island in 2017 with Bex Highfield which has since gone on to win an award in the UK Blog Awards, while also being appointed as Creative Council Bad Ass Gals and made B2B Marketing’s 30under30 list. Working full time as a Marketing Manager in #AdLand and running Marketing Island as a side hustle with her best friend. It was a genuine passion for the industry and a thirst to learn and share knowledge that pushed the founding of Marketing Island – the online marketing magazine for women.


Molly Wright – Molly Moodle Media

I want to inspire the next generation of women to consider a career in digital and become part of the growing community of ‘can do it all’ women. We’re currently doing this and through my agency Molly Moodle Media, will continue to help and support young women in their pursuit to develop their career in digital.

Molly ‘Moodle’ Wright is the Founder of Molly Moodle Media, an award-winning social media marketing agency that helps independent, creative and digital businesses develop their social media presence. Molly is a regular speaker at South East Creatives, a guest lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University and radio host of ‘Molly Moodle’s Mash-Up’.


Hayley Snow – ContentCal

It’s not my digital experience that makes me stand out from the crowd but rather my outside-the-box thinking and project managing a small budget that had to go a long way in a competitive market. This involved multi-tasking, a lot of online outreach as well as more monotonous tasks that required dedication to persevere to get ContentCal into the position its in today.

My name is Hayley Snow and I’m the Marketing Manager for ContentCal, the fastest growing Social Media Company in the UK. I’m a B2B ROI focused growth marketer who is passionate about increasing user acquisition for brands, and love to work with passionate employees, and creative agencies.


Aline Boulan – Wildfire Social

Being part of Wildfire from the very early stages has allowed me to play an integral part in the company’s growth and has enabled me to not only develop personally, but also encourage professional growth of other team members. Allowing me full creative freedom and a great amount of responsibility whilst working closely with some of the best creatives and production teams in the industry at UNILAD, I was able to work on some incredible projects combining influencer marketing with content distribution and paid social for some industry-leading clients.

Within two years I progressed from an Account Executive to an Account Manager, now leading and developing my own incredible team.

My contribution and ideas have a direct impact on the business and I’m happy to be a part of defining our wider company strategy.

I am a 23-year-old female from The Netherlands currently working as an Account Manager for Wildfire, a start-up social agency that specialises in social ready content creation, distribution and influencer campaigns. Before joining Wildfire in 2018, I began my digital career in a social listening company, taking my understanding of audience and data to help grow the Wildfire’s offering to where it is today. In my spare time, I am part of a Hockey league, and regularly try to keep up my fitness to help me stay motivated and creative. Within my current role, I champion wellness in the workplace, as I am a big advocate of a positive working environment.

VA of The Year (8).png

Amy Louise Kolsteren – Mooie Fee Photography

I’m all about practising what I preach and have managed to grow the business drastically in this way, and have out earned my previous salaried position by over £4,000 (in profit!) in my first year being full time. The support of my clients has been what has allowed me to be successful, and I know that being able to connect with them every step along the way has been invaluable,

Amy from Mooie Fee Photography has been a professional photographer for 6 years and has the aim to change the face of corporate photography. She’s passionate about helping build confidence and showing the real people behind businesses.

Congratulations to these incredible young Digital Women!

Join us on the 9th March in London as we celebrate international women’s day and the work women are doing in digital and business.


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