Shortlist: Digital Mother of the Year – Digital Women Awards

The Digital Women, Digital Mother of the Year recognises and celebrates women who are working in digital or using digital in business and also happen to be parents. Digital Mothers are juggling work and home life often having to overcome many new challenges.

Here are your finalists:


Katrina Young – Katrina Young Consulting Digital

Katrina is a hard working mum who is always creating opportunities for those she works with.

Katrina deserves this award as a role model, she is bringing up children and creating a business that is making change in the world and helping others do the same.

I am an award winning Digital, Tech and Marketing Consultant and Specialist – Business Solutions Architect specialising in Digital Business Strategy – Automated Sales Marketing Funnels – Business Process ROI Solutions. A Prince 2 Qualified Digital Project Manager, with a Degree in Marketing & Advertising with a certificate in Teaching and Lecturing. A Digital and Innovation evangelist, conversant with a range of methodologies. Helping you to create a compelling messaging, monetise your skills and knowledge and create active and automated sales and client acquisition systems.  Helping to assist you to increase your revenue, productivity, passive income and profits.


Lauren Hampshire – The Milky Tee Company

I am a mum of two and the owner of The Milky Tee Company, which is an online store selling breastfeeding clothing. I am a huge believer in the fact that just because you are a mum it doesn’t have to mean the end of your career, it can, in fact, be the start of a whole new one. Before having children I worked as a broadcast journalist but after having my second child, with the cost of childcare and travelling in and out of London, it was not viable to go back to that career. So while on maternity leave I had an idea for a breastfeeding top with hidden zips and it developed into The Milky Tee Company. I now run the business while juggling being a mum to my two daughters (who are 3 and 6),

I am a mum of two, former broadcast journalist and founder of award-winning breastfeeding clothing brand The Milky Tee Company.


Jennifer Gilmour – #AbuseTalk

Jennifer is a married mum with three children. She is an entrepreneur, running a family business with a digital marketing portfolio from her home-base. Her debut novel, Isolation Junction – flying free from emotional abusive, was published in 2016. Both Isolation Junction and her 2nd novel Clipped Wings have been Amazon Best Sellers and received awards.

She goes above and beyond to support anyone she comes into contact with, whether it be about personal circumstances or digital marketing knowhow. Jen is also a member of BizMums who provide online networking and training opportunities for mums in business. She has extensive skills and a natural talent to connect.


Kim Rowell – BBC Stories

Kim is a brilliant storyteller; currently Assistant Editor for BBC Stories, heading up a young team of talented journalists telling digital stories for the 16 – 34 demographic across themes of climate change, gender, identity and community issues. She was named as a Kindness & Leadership, Leading Light 2019, an accolade recognising the contribution of kind leaders to business the economy and society. After winning a ‘Women of the Future’ Award she launched their podcast in 2019, and now produces and publishes the ‘Women of the Future’ podcast voluntarily on a fortnightly basis featuring alumni from the Programme and Awards discussing their careers, big breaks, successes, failures and inspirations.

After her experience working with Bryony Gordon on her mental health podcasts and following the birth of her daughter, she wrote and published the children’s book ‘Townie Spider’; aimed at introducing themes of friendship and kindness to children of a preschool age. It was named as in the ‘Top 7 Books for Children’s Mental Health’ by parental wellbeing magazine ‘Motherdom’.


Danielle Fletcher – Lively Social Media

I am unique as I am a single parent to two children age 4 and 6 years old, I retrained with a 3-year-old at home and worked early mornings, school hours, evenings, listen to podcasts in the car, while cleaning to soak up the knowledge of social media. I worked with a local business last summer on a charity digital project, I organised small businesses to sell their products at my charity event and I gave free social media advice to businesses that came along. 

Social Media Coach for the fabulous 40’s in business, I train your in-house to be a confident Social Media Manager and I’m a killer Facebook Ads Specialist.


Stephanie Price – Enter Price VA

 I started my business, EnterPrice Virtual Assistant, in 2019 after the birth of my second daughter. I have previous management background in banking, and I was made redundant shortly after the birth of my daughter. I love being a virtual assistant as I can be around to take my daughters to the park and be around for pre-school and school runs, I earn money to do fun things with my family. I have a loving husband who supported me through my change in career and I have never looked back!

Stephanie Price, working mum of two with the ambition to help and support all business and medical professionals in reducing their workload and work smarter together.


Suzanne Alderson – Parenting Mental Health

From a simple Facebook group, Parenting Mental Health now connects thousands of families to others with similar experiences each year through online Peer Mentoring, online Listening Circles, and online training from me and psychologists and other professionals that they may not get an opportunity to connect or engage with. This digital community has created opportunities for others who have been through the experiences to give back. We have placed our videos promoting the free Community support on digital signage in over 500 GP’s surgeries in the UK, as well as Australia – giving us a monthly offline reach of around 3.5m.

Suzanne Alderson is a speaker, writer, and community leader and Founder of Parenting Mental Health. Suzanne started the organisation in 2016 to support, educate, and empower parents of young people suffering with mental illness following her experiences with her child. She supports over 15,000 families across the digital channels, and delivers online training in her methodolgy, Partnering, not Parenting. She was recognised by Facebook in 2019 as one of the world’s leading community leaders and made a Fellow of their inaugural Community Leadership Program. Suzanne’s first book on parenting a child with a mental health issue will be published by Vermillion in October 2020. Suzanne’s digital experience started in the 1990s when she co-founded the first of 2 digital agencies and completed the first online transaction in the UK in the ‘90s.


Julia Bramble – BrambleBuzz

Being a Mum of 6 has also honed not only my communication skills generally but my persuasion skills specifically – it also means I can see the world through the eyes of several different ‘digital generations’ which is a source of constant learning! I have a very strong belief that all humans (and animals) should be respected – and it’s an opinion that I’m not afraid to voice on social media and I bring into all the work I do. I’m a chair of governors at the local primary school and I absolutely champion respect for all aspects of every child in that role (it can be easy for feelings, for example, to be overlooked in the quest for good SATs results!)

Julia brings her skills from a career in forensic science to the world of social media marketing. As an international strategist, speaker and trainer for small businesses, her work centres on the human behind the digital.


Louise Upchurch – Mush

I am Louise, a mum of 2 (aged 2 and 6) I volunteer as PTA co-chair and as lead children’s worker for ages 6 months – 4years at our local church. I have been working as community manager/head of community at Mush for almost 2 years and working on growing, developing and meeting the specific needs of our community.  Building dynamic, positive communities, working closely with engineers and having meaningful impact are the key drivers for me. I have a real passion for bringing people together – creating inclusive, safe and dynamic communities.

Head of Community at Mush: Specialist in building safe, positive and vibrant communities.


Jane Kavanagh

As a mum of two children who is running a tech company I have tried to introduce flexibility as much as possible to my staff. The reason I set up my own business was because I wanted to work my own hours and still be at the school gate as much as possible. A lot of our staff can work from home but they do have the option to come into the office when ever they want. This flexibility for our staff has proved very successful and I think the tend to be more loyal and committed the more flexibility they have. It gives them the opportunity to work the day around their priorities and as a result are often more productive. 

Jane Kavanagh is the CEO and Co- Founder of Feedalpha. Jane launched the company 18 months ago and since then has won numerous awards, showcased the platform at Web Summit and is currently in the middle of a funding round to take Feedalpha to the next level. With a background is sales and marketing Jane wanted to help small businesses grow their online presence and increase revenue through Social Media.


Stacey Calder – Business Success Network

10 years ago when Stacey went self employed she just wanted to work around her children, she was sick of long commutes and basically only seeing her young family at weekends. She’s also quite stubborn so every time her dad told her to get a proper job it made her more determined to succeed whatever that meant! Back then she started a networking company for mums in business and over 8 years grew it from 60 members in 1 location for 26,000 members with 34 franchises across the UK. Stacey and her business partner not only ran networking events but business awards, trainings and anything else that would help their members thrive.

Stacey Calder is a Speaker and trainer, social media manager and online community builder. Owner and editor of the Business Success Magazine. Campaigner. Super mum/guardian to a not quite normal family.


Rachel Davis – LALA Tigers

I’m on a mission to to change the world one song at a time! There is so much attention on personal growth & transformation, however it is before age 7 that a person belief systems are forming. These beliefs go onto shape the way the child sees and feels about themselves, others, the world and ultimately what they are capable of. Instead of undoing this later in life, it is important that we go straight to the source, as the child’s mind is forming. 

Rachel Davis lives in Brighton with her 2 children, who have inspired what she now considers to be her life’s work, increasing worthiness & self esteem in children. After running music sessions for 6 years, Rachel now uses music to encourage parents & children to find their own personal power and use their gifts and talents to serve the world. Oh…and she LOVES music & dancing!


Rosie Davies – Social World

Rosie is always willing to help other and, has changed how others perceive the minefield of Social Media, by not only doing the work herself but she has also created an online and offline community of followers and has created an excellent range of course/workshops with the aim to teach many other small business owners. She has 2 young children, is ex-military and she has built a reputable, knowledgeable service which helps not only SME’s but Ex Military who have left the Army/Navy who need mentoring and guidance as to which career that they should choose and carve for themselves.

Rosie was brought up in a musical family and enjoyed playing the violin, oboe and singing. She later joined the Royal Marines Band Service where she met her husband. After leaving the Armed Forces to have her two children she started working in events. Before long though she found her true calling in helping businesses (especially events businesses) with their social media. Rosie is passionate about helping other businesses grow using social media and integrated technologies. She regularly helps female business owners and members of the Armed Forces Community through a variety of training classes including a paid members group called The Orchestra. Her love of music can still be seen in her business as she wants to hear ‘Social Media Sing’ for everyone!

Anita Wong – Bommiemedia

I love to empower women to use the tools at their fingertips to reach their marketing goals and Win big and have been an entrepreneur for just over 7 years, creating my company in 2018. I am a mum to four teenage daughters. I am also World No 5 in the 40+ Women’s BMX cruiser category and UK No 4 and one of only 7 factory team riders representing Twisted Concepts BMX worldwide. I have been growing my business alongside raising my children and competing at an international level in BMX

Anita Wong is a Digital Strategist and Tech Queen of all things social! Anita is passionate about empowering you with the tools you need to achieve your marketing goals and feel more confident, competent and ready to tackle any changes within the digital arena. Anita can help the next generation of big businesses who are ready to start WINNING BIG accelerate their Learning and start LEADING with their online visibility whether that be Facebook, Instagram or their WordPress websites, Anita is the women to call.

Verity Hurd – Style Up Social Academy

Work for me has to be fulfilling. I want to make a difference. Becoming a mum had also given me a new and deeper sense of always achieving for the best. My career was not just for me anymore. It is for my son and I knew this was the time I had to leap from the corporate world. I didn’t want to be trapped in a set role, set hours, set salary and set expectations. My son deserves the very best and so this was the time for me to combine all my skills and experience into one to create an opportunity that had no limits.

Style Up Social Academy is a boutique Social Media agency that empowers fashion brands and personal stylists. Delivering a suite of creative solutions to help them grow their businesses online by focusing on intentional and results driven strategies.




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