Shortlist: Digital Campaign of the Year – Digital Women Awards

The Digital Women Digital Campaign of The Year recognises and celebrates those who have created and delivered a digital campaign that has achieved demonstrable results for the business.

Here are your finalists:

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Lightful – Reclaim Social (Lead: Tereza Litsa)

#ReclaimSocial started on February 6 in 2018 as a day to celebrate the inspiring side of social media. Lightful, a tech for good company working with charities, wanted to encourage everyone to make social media more positive.

The results were extremely positive and we keep receiving very positive feedback from people who got involved in the campaign. We quickly realised that this movement goes way beyond Lightful and it’s exactly what makes it so powerful. The results in 2019 were: – 45m impressions – 7300 tweets – 99% positive sentiment For an internal team of 3 people being involved in the campaign and a budget of £1500 used on paid social we were more than excited to see the impact of the movement. WWF UK, Samaritans, Macmillan Cancer, Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), The Big Give, and Giving Tuesday are among organisations participating in the second year of the #ReclaimSocial campaign while there was also coverage from NPR, Positive News, Happiful Magazine and many online publications (Institute of Fundraising, CharityComms, Charity Digital News, Third Sector, Fundraising UK, etc) The success of the campaign was helped by how contextually relevant it was (and still is).

We delved into an ongoing conversation and created a movement to support how people are feeling about social media. It helps to build brand awareness for Lightful in the sector and although it wasn’t measured it would have most likely increased our brand value.

We didn’t just communicate a message or a product, we created a movement around something we believe in.

The fact that other organisations were inspired to continue the conversation makes us proud for this campaign and we’re already excited for the next steps and opportunities it would bring to keep making social media more positive throughout the year.

Lightful is a technology company for social good which helps charities and beyond profits get the most out of technology. Our social media management platform is designed for good causes by people who work with good causes. It has been built specifically to help you raise more support, awareness and funds. Our team of sector specialists and digital experts help you create, manage and optimise delightful online experiences and journeys for your supporters.

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Miss Content Creative – Southeast Digital Picnic (Lead: Sarah Jane Vincent)

The Southeast Digital Picnic was a brand new digital and social marketing conference in Wexford, Ireland and the brainchild of Sarah Jane Vincent. It was aimed at marketers and forward thinking businesses who wanted to gain exclusive insights into the future of digital and social to propel their marketing efforts forward and gain an edge over their competition. When planning this event it was important for it to stand out from the usual saturated digital marketing conferences. So, we looked at alternative venues with an element of outdoor space to give it that picnic vibe! Instead of the usual boring soggy sambos we went with a BBQ buffet and served fresh fruit platters that looked like rainbows. The branding was bright,fun and colourful to reflect the event itself. We used blue skies with clouds and a mixture of rainbow colours with funky cut out imagery.

When creating the content to promote the event , we used quirky wording and built up a community through Twitter which saw the event trending over 4 consecutive days. When we published an article in the local and national newspaper, we used a fun image of the founder jumping in the air in front of the venue. It really stood out and certainly got the attention of onlookers. It was important that the speakers were engaging with the audience throughout the campaign also so we had them create personal video content telling the audience how excited they were to see everyone and what they would be covering in their sessions. It worked really well. We had very little ad spend due to it being the very first event and there was little or no budget available. Sarah Jane was managing every aspect of the event including event management, sourcing speakers, travel arrangements, advertising, budget, and sponsorship. It was a mammoth task but it paid off as the event was a huge success and a sellout!

The campaign was a great success and brought attendees from all over the country as well as international attendees. It was a sellout event with 170 tickets sold. Here’s the stats. Trended on Twitter over 4 consecutive days 473K global reach 2,046 tweets 1,411 retweets 2019 must-attend event (as featured in New Frontiers) 13% international audience travelled to attend

Miss Content Creative, founded by Sarah Jane Vincent is an award winning Social Media Training and Consultancy agency based in Gorey, Wexford.

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Feedalpha – #Websummit (Lead: Jacinta Dempsey and Jane Kavanagh)

Feedalpha were showcasing their brand at #websummit in Portugal. The main aim of the digital campaign was to focus on building brand awareness with a particular focus on Twitter. In the lead up to the event, they identified people who were attending and connected both on LinkedIn and Twitter. Lists were created to continue to stay in contact with the new connections. Images were made on brand to promote who would be there and where to find them. Tweeting over the 4 main days was done off-site by one team member supported by other key accounts. The main message was to meet the team and how feedalpha works, engaging with attendees and creating relationships online for the on the ground team then to develop more. We were in the Top 10 Twitter profiles for the hashtag #websummit over the 4 days and #feedalpha trended in Portugal many times over the event.

The campaign objective was to drive people from online chats to meet the team in person and to create brand awareness for feedalpha. Feedalpha is a start-up in the tech industry and growing awareness on an international stage at this point was key. They achieved 240K tweet impressions, 1,469 profile visits and 641 mentions. After the event the team followed up with connections and set up Twitter ads targetting people who had attended the event to keep the brand fresh in peoples minds.

Feedalpha helps you find and schedule great social media content, saving you precious time to be somewhere else.

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Marstons PLC – 40% off Mains (Lead: Emma Place)

The digital team was given a brief by senior stakeholders within the business to provide a footfall driving campaign with a quick turnaround to combat what were predicted to be two difficult trading weeks. There was to be a focus on attracting lapsed customers and to provide something that the business could give back to those who were loyal engaged customers also.

This campaign needed to drive footfall and sales across a large number of sites that ran varying offers, price points and situated in varying communities.

The campaign proved to be our best performing big footfall driving offer to date. It was evident that the learnings from previous promotional campaigns had paid off.

Senior stakeholders within the business highlighted their change in perception of digital channels and had proof from the campaign that digital marketing provided an effective way of communicating offers and providing a positive return. This in itself has helped the team to push the digital strategy forward with a better buy in from senior leaders.

The campaign resulted in YoY growth in what would have been two tough trading weeks for the business. For the highest priority group, footfall grew by +5.9% vs. the previous two weeks and was +10.5% vs. the lowest priority group. Sales improved by +4.6% and margin improved by +3.9% pre vs. post.

85% of all promotional driven footfall was incremental and the campaign had driven just under a 12x Return on Investment.

Marston’s have been running pubs and brewing beer in one form or another for over 180 years. Now we’ve got 13,000 people working for us and many more in partnership with us, and they all share our passion! The digital team is a group of 6 women, looking after both customer facing technology/CX and sales driving digital campaigns for our circa 900 pubs and hotels. The team utilise their passion for using innovative technologies to deliver the most relevant and effective campaigns to deliver growth within the Marston’s pub business.

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Socially Sussed – World Perimenopause Day (Lead: Sarah Donaghey)

The brief was to create awareness of the Perimenopause so many women could understand their symptoms. With great interaction, a large increase in social media followers and influencers in the sector engaging, the awareness day proved to be a success.

The campaign was delivered through an explanatory video on the perimenopause, a tweetchat, influencer outreach and campaigns running across all social channels.

Both Instagram and twitter grew by 25%, the traffic to the website was the highest to date and we managed to reach many women to educate them about the Perimenopause

Socially Sussed is a social media agency specialising in wellness and nutrition

Congratulations to these women who have created effective campaigns!

Join us on the 9th March in London as we celebrate international women’s day and the work women are doing in digital and business.


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