Shortlist: Digital Product Creator of the year – Digital Women Awards

The Digital Women Digital Product Creator of The Year recognises and celebrates those who have created a standout product for their communities or audiences. This could be a platform, a tool, digital guides, an event or even a newsletter. This creator spotted a need for a new product and will have created a product that is useful to the target audience.

Here are your finalists:

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Lea Rice – Heart and Soul Digital

The hero products I sell through Heart and Soul Digital are content planners.

I designed these to suit digital marketers who needed a ready-to-go digital planner in a digital format, and one that’s combines goal-setting, advertising budgets, copy and asset sign-off capabilities and analytics in one place, where fellow team members can work on the document at the same time. Each planner lists hundreds of UK-specific national days and public holidays, and every customer receives a monthly email with sector-specific events taking place throughout the year that they can add to their planner, ensuring it never goes out-of-date.

£2 from every planner sold is donated to The Blurt Foundation.

Lea Rice is the Digital Marketing Specialist transforming lives through the magic of social media, supporting the UK’s Digital Marketing Community to climb the career ladder without burning out.

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Holly Billinghurst – TeachAllAboutIt

In September 2019, I published several visual revision guides for GCSE Computer Science which complement the website and make use of educational theory for creating notes to reduce stress and improve retention.

Holly is the founder of TeachAllAboutIt and a Computer Science Master Teacher who works with both students and teachers across the UK and internationally. Having moved to full time tutoring in 2019 after a decade of classroom teaching Computer Science & ICT in both independent and state schools, she founded TeachAllAboutIt as a way to continue to support both students and teachers of Computing in a non-traditional setting with a focus on accessibility for everyone. In 2018, she released her first book ‘Teach All About It: 100 Down-To-Earth Tips To Make The Most Out of Your Classroom’, aimed at helping secondary school teachers implement activities that promote progress and reduce stress for both students and teachers. In 2019, her visual revision guides for GCSE & iGCSE Computer Science were published and are now used in schools across the UK.

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Fiona Catchpole – Henpicked

Inspired by a talk at Facebook #SheMeanBusiness from Rosie Mazumder and her Cake Masters Magazine that started in digital format, I sprung into action and created a Xmas edition of Henpicked Magazine from a standing start at the end of October! I handpicked every piece of content and designed the layout in Canva.

Turns out I also had an inner magazine diva hiding inside me all this time and the result was rather impressive with 1979 clicks on the magazine link within the first 48 hours of launching on social media and via our email database. Even though we clearly stated ‘please download our new online magazine from our website’, our coffee table mock-up was so realistic we were asked to post a copy to Canada!

Fiona Catchpowle is a self-taught social media trainer with nearly 15 years experience in online marketing. She loves teaching business owners how to identify the best way to connect with their audience online, saving time and frustrations that often occur with digital story telling. Her new super power is the menopause and she actively seeks ways in which to support women transition through hormonal decline and out the other side, in style.

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Susan Kabani – Ugenie

Susan launched Ugenie, which provides organisations with tailored digital platforms to more effectively engage their membership.

Ugenie’s vision is to provide affordable and easy to use technology to organisations or businesses that could not normally afford their own mobile technology.

It currently focuses on small to medium sized organisations that have an existing membership or customer base to which they deliver regular content.

The platform also allows enables the organisation to build stronger communities in private and customised digital space. Ugenie has also just been named a finalist in the Small Business of the Year London category for the Venus Women’s Awards.

With a background in intellectual property law and SME business development, Susan Kabani launched Ugenie, a private membership hub for businesses. Susan helps businesses grow an audience or better engage their current clients. Susan also works closely with her clients to formulate digital communication strategies to ensure their successful use of technology in business.

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Lucy Griffiths –

Having created a successful series of courses that have sold thousands, I did this single-handedly. There’s not a big team. It’s just me, and the juggle that accompanies fitting client queries around parenting and family life. The courses enabled me to re-structure my business and change from being a 1-2-1 coaching business to being a course and e-learning business. This journey now means that I work with other brands and influencers to create their digital courses and products.

Lucy Griffiths helps women tell stories and increase their influence and impact the world. She’s a video strategist and confidence coach who helps you to get the confidence to find your voice and speak up and own your power. Her courses have now sold over 15,000 worldwide, and she works with corporate clients, entrepreneurs and business owners to harness the power of video, and tell stories more effectively on screen and in meetings.

Lucy is a columnist for Psychologies Magazine talking about confidence, the imposter syndrome, and speaking up even though you’re scared. She is now a Founder / Director of a joint venture with Psychologies Magazine building a digital platform creating courses for the magazine.

Lucy also partners with influencers such as Honest Mum to use their leverage to sell educational courses and elearning.

Congratulations to these incredible, attention orientated and skilled women!

Join us on the 9th March in London as we celebrate international women’s day and the work women are doing in digital and business.


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